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    Packing box puzzle printed matters needing attention
    Source:Date:2013-08-26 09:55:29

    Puzzle printing matters needing attention:


    1, a single page of print


    Puzzle center (vertical line) when joining together local bleeding edge for 6 mm, each single page edges all leave 3 mm bleeding two cutter (demand).


    Illustrate: if you do print without bleeding, background images, or full color background, etc., can press 1 method puzzle, center one knife.


    2, covers the puzzle


    Average manufacturing, our habits in the envelope, together with the "tongue" spell in the practice match fee (no application) have a blank paper, but the pattern is good continuity.


    Another option is to cover to cover, "tongue" do alone, so much to do save paper, but more than a "paste", namely when the products more scraping a glue (or stick a double-sided tape).


    3, packing box puzzle


    General large boxes (beyond 8 k) don't have to puzzle, directly printing


    Below a brief introduced the idea of small package.


    As far as possible under the premise of conjunction, the idea of task to do the most compact, but involve packaging process after a match, rolling box (cutting edge and pressure crease lines) is the most crucial, then demand attention to puzzle ratios of two line spacing not less than 3 mm, otherwise when the row of knife version of branch is very bother, that affect product quality.


    When you complete the puzzle (the customer sign the sample approval), best can a copy of the original big knife version of the film, so as to facilitate the printing shop of cutters.


    4, hand CARDS


    To make typing copy hand thorn Allies have such experience, a thorn paper do eight hand thorn, and then use cutting machine cutting out. Actually very waste so much to do, my experience is a thorn paper can do 10 hands, don't need to cut card machine, if the number is less, can use the ruler, knives, if the number is very big, just borrow the printing paper cutter, is very convenient, and save. Do one and two boxes of hand thorn, if just is colorful, just your hands have a sleeve to do again, then put the envelope of space application.


    5, tag CARDS and stickers etc


    Instruments of annoying. But it's not a difficult, want careful, good size. In three categories:


    (1) one size fits all (bleeding), similar to hand, all the external bleeding edge demand;


    (2) two knife (including bleeding);


    (3) rolling box, punching, rounded (demand knife version, spelling with 2);


    (4) mix, in demand is proportional to the number of cases, can be mixed together in the layout of conjunction.


    6, the following to the beginners of CD companion to introduce a kind of commonly used edge horn line I draw method, is applicable, originally should be sent to the column section, but due to have much to contact relationship, and this post it here.


    (1) selection of hand-painted, press the Ctrl key, at the top left corner page vertical continuous line (the hair), and changes to the size of 3 mm;


    (2) Ctrl + A (alignment and spread), D, T, L; [note: the above CD9 version for Alt + A + A (open menu), the same below


    (3) change the x coordinate is 3, and tap on a numeric keyboard + (keyboard at the far right) copy a line;


    (4) changes to the x coordinate is 6, and will be two line group;


    (5) and then press + copy and turn 90 degrees;


    (6) to identify the x, y coordinates each minus 3, a set of horn line once completed, then this set of horn line group and press + copy, and then the degree of image;


    (7) Ctrl + A, D, R, while the demand with T, degree of graphics to move;


    (8) all two groups of edge horn line, press + copy, after vertical mirror;


    (9) Ctrl + A, D, B, edge horn line is complete;


    (10) don't forget to add the CMYK color eventually bid this dress

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